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F&R solid colognes



Each Fulton & Roark solid cologne is a highly-concentrated formula of signature fragrances inspired by maritime landmarks of the American Southeast. They offer a long-lasting and steady scent designed to keep you fresh. The solid metal containers travel easily in a gym bag, pocket or carry-on.


- concentrated cologne wax
- steady long-lasting fragrance
- pocket sized: 4.5cm square, 1.5cm thick
- 0.20oz
- made by Fulton & Roark in USA

Fragrance Notes

Hatteras: fresh, classic, sport, green, light spice

Shackleford: warm, amber, sandalwood

Tybee: clean, light, white musk, rosewood, cedar

Ingredients: mineral oil usp, ceresin wax, coconut oil, fragrance, perfumers alochol, cetyle alcohol, petrolatum usp

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