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brass riveted leather wallet



Finally. A wallet worthy of your hard-earned money. This American Bench Craft wallet is constructed from a single piece of premium, rugged, full grain leather, die-cut from a beautiful, vegetable-tanned hide. The wallet is assembled using hammer rivets – not thread stitching – for added durability. The minimalist design – two front pockets and two inside pockets – is aimed to help you simplify your life and reduce clutter.


- two front pockets hold 2 to 4 credit or ID cards each
- two inside pockets hold 8 to 10 business cards, a wad of folded cash and other cards (rewards cards, gym passes, etc.)
- measures 8cm x 11cm closed
- handmade by American Bench Craft in Reading, Massachusetts

Why vegetable-tanned leather?

Vegetable-tanned leather is a more natural, environmentally-friendly tanning process. It starts out rigid, but breaks in over time. In fact, it improves with age. The leather becomes more supple and develops a unique and attractive patina. 

Why metal rivets versus thread stitching?

While both thread stitching and metal rivets offer strong holds, rivets hold up better against daily wear and tear. Over time, heat and friction fray thread, and your wallet ultimately falls apart. Heat and friction simply polish metal; making rivets a unique, strong and aesthetically pleasing alternative to thread stitching.

Why a single piece of leather?

Simple products are built to last. Fewer parts equal less susceptibility to failure.

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